Demon girl with a distinct lack of evil and a somewhat unhealthy obsession with fictional game and movie characters.

After finishing high school and failing to gain a position in university, Giselle left Hell and moved to earth so she could gain independence from her over protective parents.


Giselle's cousin. As a succubus, her mission is to steal men's sperm and souls by fornicating with them. I'm not making this shit up! Look it up in Wikipedia!

Giselle and Lula hold a very close friendship despite Giselle finding Lula's graphic and sexually explicit descriptions of her work shocking.


Coming from a powerful and influential family in Hell has it advantages, one of them is the ability to summon a butler. The butler will attend to it's master's bidding and will provide advise and guidance in times of need.

Despite the submissive role, Giselle's butler does not hesitate voice his disapproval of her often erratic behaviour.

Father Evin Maguire:

Priest, exorcist and demon hunter. He met Giselle while on a mission to destroy her but could not bring himself to do it simply because she looked so darn cute. They quickly became friends (probably because Giselle found herself to be quite smitten by him).

Despite having taken a vow of celibacy, he can't help but feel somewhat attracted to Giselle.